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Contact Us:

Here are some people you can contact for more information about contact improvisation in Amsterdam:
Diederik Burke  06 - 4964 6719
Sebas van Wetten 033 - 4799 034  or  06-1833 4743
       (also for feedback on this website)

- -   Note: for the class and jam on Saturdays (Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam):
      no registration is needed
; just come.

-- NB: voor de les en de jam op zaterdag in Amsterdam, is géén aanmelden nodig. Gewoon komen. ~~


Please    DO NOT   call us if you lost any clothes or something after the jam.

There is a lost-and-found-box in the studio, where you can look in.
- we don't like to carry your stuff behind you ! -

(also at other times in the week, there is some chance, other people are in the building, who can open up for you, so you canask to have a look in that box - but no garanty, you can get in !)

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