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Teacher Info (alphabetical):

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Regularly teachers

Diederik Burke
Kees lemmens
Kristien Sonnevijlle
Maaike v.d. Westeringh
Patrick Johnson
Rita Vilhena
Sara Licher
Sebas van Wetten
Tim Justo
Tom Goldhand

Former and iregularly teachers:
Claudia Kratzheller
Monika Förster
Natanja den Boeft

Enrique van Doezelaar
Hillary Blake Firestone
Iris van Peppen
Pawel Konior
Sarah Kate Gardiner
Suzan Lemont

Claudia Kratzheller   has been teaching modern dance technique during the last couple of years in numerous studios in Holland and Germany (HJS, Dance Ateliers Rotterdam, Krisztina de Chatel , Tanzhaus D-Dorf a.o ) as well as for the Theatreschool SNDO In Amsterdam. Currently she is teaching Tango in the Academia de Tango in Amsterdam. From 2000-2003 she facilitated the Friday Contact Jam in de Koestraat together with Hillary Blake Firestone,as well as organized a Workshop “ Action Theatre” with Ruth Zaporah (2003).
As a dancer she worked for Company RAZ and Bruno Listopad and realized a series of own productions, that were presented in venues and Festivals in Holland and Germany.
See also: www.body-linguistics.com/

Diederik Burke   has been developing his skills in dance through contact improvisation though many years of working and studying with various dancers and teachers in Amsterdam and Europe.  Being and accomplished martial-arts (pencak silat) and Yoga practitioner, together with his work as a Shiatsu and bodywork therapies, he offers a complete set of means and approaches to work with and explore further developments in the field of contact improvisation.
See also: contactimprovisationamsterdam.wordpress.com/diederik-burke/

Enrique van Doezelaar
Since 1997 Enrique dances African dance, Salsa and 5 rhythms. A few years later he ran into tango and contact improvisation. At this time. Enrique has followed many workshops and training courses with international dance teachers. He goes regularly to contact improvisation weeks and workshops in the Netherlands and Germany. He is to be found in many tango salons.
He has made contact or "TOUCH" to a magical form and is very interested in moving from an active relaxation, both in tango and in contact improvisation. He shares his knowledge and experience with others by teaching in Nijmegen and elsewhere. Enrique says: "Through contact improvisation I can get closer to myself; I love to dance and to be physically very active. For me dancing is meditation and a way to be really in touch with my heart and soul."
See also: contact-improvisatie.nl (Workshops in/arround Nijmegen)

Hillary Blake Firestone   studied dance performance and composition at SUNY-Purchase in New York and as a guest student of the Theatreschool Amsterdam. In addition to working as freelance performer and teacher in the US and Europe, she makes pieces which are informed by her improvisation practice. She has studied CI with Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, K.J. Holmes and Kirstie Simpson amongst others. 

Iris van Peppen   graduated at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) Theaterschool Amsterdam in 1999. "As a teacher and dance artist I have 18 years of experience, started teaching in 1992."
See: www.dansimprovisatie.com/

Kees lemmens
"As a dancer I am inspired by other fields of knowledge (I used to work in architecture and fine arts) and even more by other people. Especially giving and taking CI-workshops is for me a way of learning together. Travelling a lot, I worked with many international teachers. And since 2009 I give courses and workshops in The Netherlands and abroad."

Kristien Sonnevijlle
See sansville.wordpress.com

Maaike v.d. Westeringh
What Maaike loves about dance is that it brings us to the beauty of the moment – and every moment is different. Out of this interest her fascination for improvisation and contact-improvisation was born. She followed workshops with Julyen Hammilton and studied intensively with David Zambrano and among others. She has been teaching dance-workshops in nature at Buitenkunst since 2010.
She finds a constant eagerness to learn more about the body’s expression and how dance can contribute something to people’s mental and physical health. She set up her own foundation with two other artists, called Kudde (www.kudde.info). They develop dance and theater-projects, both in the dance-field and in the community. The last years she has been doing exchange-projects in Uganda, Ghana and Brazil.
After her graduation from the dance academy in Tilburg (NL) in 2004 she has been working as a performer with Loic Perela (Dansateliers Rotterdam), Anne-beth Schuurmans, Marie Goeminne (dansmakers Amsterdam), T.R.A.S.H., Karen Boesser and among others. She also created her own work like the location-project ‘Huisstofmeid’ for the Oerolfestival.
See also www.kudde.info.

Monika Förster   is a performance artist, movement teacher and shiatsu therapist living in Amsterdam. Since graduating from the New Dance department at the Theaterschool Amsterdam in 1992, she has studied with the Indonesian movement and meditation- master Suprapto Suryodarmo in Europe and Indonesia, who has approved her as a 'sharing movement' teacher in 1998.She completed her studies at the Zen Shiatsu School Amsterdam in 2002.
Monika has worked as choreographic assistant to Yoshiko Chuma in New York and performed with the dance theater group Muckrah throughout Europe. She creates her performances often in collaboration with artists from other disciplines; over a period of 14 years she developed her own approach to exploring and teaching movement, focusing on being fully present in an awakened body. Currently she is teaching improvisation at the Theaterschool Utrecht, Contact Improvisation at the Academie for Massage and Movement and at the School for New Dance Theaterschool Amsterdam; Shiatsu at the Zen Shiatsu School.
In particular Monika enjoyes Contact Dancing's playfulness and it's benefits for the body.
See also: www.praktijk-ijburg.nl/shiatsu.php

Natanja den Boeft
"I've been dancing for a big part of my life and have been teaching some 28 years now, to professionals and amateurs in many different settings. In my life I've rarely met anything that enchants and satisfies me more than movement, with dance as its ultimate and poetic form of it. I love dancing just as much as teaching, and I can watch the movements in nature, of an animal, or of a group of children endlessly. Contact Improvisation is an old love of mine, we've got a stable relationship... Next to being a dancer and a teacher, I am also a certified Cranio-Sacral therapist."
See also cranio-amsterdam.nl

Patrick Johnson   began dancing contact improvisation in western Massachusetts, USA in the early 1990's and immediately fell in love with the form. Since then he has danced throughout the US, Canada, and Europe and studied with many of the great teachers. In 2000 he moved to Amsterdam and joined the CI scene here. He is a certified teacher of the Alexander technique and applies it to all of his dancing and teaching. Patrick's classes aim to integrate fundamental principles of support and movement into contact improvisation to provide free, dynamic, expressive dancing.
See also smartbody.nl/en/alexander-technique

Pawel Konior   graduated from Academy of Physical Education in 2008 in Krakow, later on studying 2 years in SEAD. Meanwhile he has been working in the fields of performing arts as a dancer. Powel's contact improvisation class is based on senses and being sensitive but also being physical.

Rita Vilhena
See: www.bailalouca.com/

Sarah Kate Gardiner   (UK/NL) is dancer, choreographer, teacher, and researcher based in Amsterdam. Since 1995 she creates site performances, tailor-made community dance projects and instant compositions. Teaching and directing people, both novice and professional, from diverse corners of society is her fertile ground. Driven by the gaps in our society (age, culture, social background), her work holds a space for difference to meet and dialogue through dance.
Her site-specific performances zoom in on the body’s potential for shape shifting and bodysurfing public space and social codes. She has co-created a methodology for site-specific performance and for community building-community art. Her teaching is influenced by the inspiring work of her mentor Pauline de Groot, one of the most important pioneers of postmodern dance in the Netherlands, who originally brought Contact Improvisation to this country. Sarah Kate loves teaching CI since 2007 and is grateful for every opportunity that opens up to share and learn with others.
See sarahkategardiner.com

Sara Licher left the Netherlands at the age of 17 to study dance and performing arts in the UK. Here she got her first introduction to contact improvisation. Six years and a whole lot of improvisation classes later she was prepped to improvise in the outside world.
After leaving the inside of the four walls she called campus she also left Europe to explore new worlds. On her ventures she would be looking for dance communities to join, to learn from and to exchange dances. Some encounters were very short but others grew out to beautiful dance collaborations or movement research projects.
Back in the Netherlands she found herself still not done with learning and started a sport-massage and a yoga teaching course. She is now teaching toddler dance, yoga and still exploring the endless possibilities that contact improvisation gives..

Sebas van Wetten 
Sebas likes to inspire others to find new possibilities and expression in their dance. With inspirations like images of nature or the musicality/poetry of movements. He dances CI over 20 years, and teaches it about 15 years; he graduated as Creative Dance teacher at Voortgezette Opleiding Docent Dansexpressie, Amsterdam, 2002
As he is also a Physiotherapist, he uses his knowledge of moving and healing bodies to teach safe and healthy dancing; learning to sense anatomical details through inspiring images to expand and fine-tune your movements.

"What I love about CI is its playfulness and diversity. I enjoy the spacious journey of a dance and the rich and subtle communication in our touch that leads to unexpected movements and joyful encounters."

See www.dansavontuur.nl

Suzan Lemont   is an expressive arts therapist, education researcher, choreographer/dance theater-maker, writer, philosopher and body awareness/movement teacher.
She has a B.S. in Dance and Dance Therapy, and an M.A. in inter-modal Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University (U.S.) and the European Graduate School (Switzerland). Suzan first discovered improv while performing with Elaine Summers (Judson Church Group) in 1982, and later with Simone Forti.
She went on to study with Olivier Besson, Mark Morris, Carole Armitage, Debra Bluth, and many other teachers in workshops or intensives, including Katie Duck, Michael Schumacher and Andrew Harwood, each adding another layer to what has become the eclectic mix which now creates Suzan's own personal style.
Avidly interested in diverse subjects such as poetry, architecture, visual arts and practical philosophy, she finds possibilities for connection and contact in just about every aspect of what she does. Body Mind Centering, Yoga and Authentic Movement play large roles in Suzan's teaching/classes.
Contact:   suzanlemont [at]gmail [dot] com or see www.pandoraspearls.com (blog).

Tim Justo 
See timjusto.nl

Tom Goldhand   is a performance artist, a dancer, a body therapist and a strong believer in improvisation as a way of life. I Continue to learn from each Jam and person that I dance with. Learned dance and performance art in Israel for 3 years and after that moved to work, teach and dance in Amsterdam. In my work and teaching I see a strong Influence from the body therapy system of “Ilan Lev”, GaGa dance of Ohad Naharin and many improvisation and contact improvisation teachers that I was fortunate to learn from.
See www.tomgoldhand.com


If you find a description about yourself, that you want to see changed, of if you are a teacher, and not yet added to this list, please mail to the webmaster