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This site informs about most classes, workshops and events of
Contact-Improvisation in the Netherlands.

As the site was started by a group of people running the Satruday-jams in Amsterdam, the name is still called "amsterdamjam", but nowadays it intents to serve the whole Dutch CI-scene.

There are several classes, jams and workshops in Amsterdam and ohter places in the Netherlands.
Some people like to start with a class, some like to dive into a jam.

  • The most recent events can be found in the calendar

  • Besides that, the Facebookgroup "Contact Improvisation Nederlands" tries to form a platform for the Dutch CI communiti and there you can find many announcements of Dutch CI events.

* If you are a contact-impro teacher and want to teach in Amsterdam, please contact us.
We might help you arrange a workshop.

* If you organise CI workshops/jams/events in the Netherlands, also contact us: we can help you publish your info in our calendar, and via our mailinglist.

Contact improvisation is an open dance form for everyone. We meet several times/week to dance. We call these meetings "jams". People of all levels of experience show up and have a great time. One of the great things about contact improvisation is how easy it is to join in, regardless of your level. Sometimes we have live music: piano, clarinet, drums, vocals. (Musicians: curious? Please contact us!) However we often dance without music, following the original style of the form. 

If you love to dance, or think you would try contact, please join us. At least stop by and find out what it is all about.

See where and when in the calendar

The Dutch CI Festival

had to be canceled in the summer of 2020 because of the COVID rules;
there will be a new edition later on....
See the Netherlands Conctact Improvisation Festival

If you would like to be on this mailinglist, go to this page

Via this mailinglist we send about 1 or 2 mails per week to announce Contact-Improvisation events in Amsterdam/Netherlands.


drawing by: Edgar Jansen ( Edgar Jansen 2003)